House rules

1. Respect

It is important that there is mutual respect at The Village. Respect applies to everyone.Both Hotel guests and The Village.


2. Complaints, questions and/or suggestions

If the Hotel guest has a complaint, question and/or suggestion related to The Village or related to the agreement, payment and/or the extension of the agreement, the Hotel guest may contact


3. Evacution plan

The evacuation plan is available on every floor. The evacutation plan can also be found in the information folder.


4. Emergency exit

It is not allowed to block the emergency exits in any way. If the Hotel guest nevertheless blocks the exit, a fine of € 150,00 is issued to the Hotel guest. 


5. Cameras

For everyone's safety, there is 24-hour camera surveillance in the communal areas and outside The Village. These camera images are saved and, in case of application, are only shared (in an emergency) with the relevant authorities. 


6. Fire alarm

It is not allowed to sabotage the fire alarm. If the Hotel guest nevertheless sabotages the fire alarm, a fine of € 150,00 will be issued to the Hotel guest. 


7. Information folder

The Hotel guest can find the information folder at the reception. In this information folder the Hotel guest can find all the information to make the stay in The Village as pleasant as possible.


8. Smoking

It is not allowed to smoke anywhere inside or in front of the main building of The Village. Smoking is permitted outside in the designated areas. The same rule applies for E-cigarettes. If the Hotel guest nevertheless smokes, a fine of €150,00 is issued to the Hotel guest.


9. Drugs

It is not allowed to grow or own hemp or similar crops in or around The Village. The use of drugs or any other activity that is based on the Opium Act is punishable.


10. Bicycles

It is not permitted to place bicycles, scooters etc. in front of the building of The Village. These must be placed in the designated parking facilities. And at the request of The Village be relocated.


11. Noise/music

Before 08:00 hour and after 23:00 hour it is not permitted to produce loud noise or music. It is important that the Hotel guest takes other Hotel guests into account through making no nuisance. The Hotel guest is responsible for the behaviour of his/her visitors.


12. Hotel room

It is not permitted to attach spikes, screws etc. to the wall of the hotel room. It is not permitted to move the interior of the hotel room and/or move the interior outside the hotel room. The following items are not permitted in the hotel room: candles, cookers, deep fryers, microwaves, ovens, oil burners, incense and/or other items that could cause the smoke alarm to go off. It is not allowed to throw anything out of the window. It is not allowed to change the window decoration or to hang posters or flags in front of the window. No items can be placed in the hallway.


13. Pets

Pets are not allowed in The Village.


14. Parties

A party must be notified in advance to The Village. This is due to fire safety and liability.


15. Visitors

Visitors must be registered at the reception desk. It is important that everyone is
registered for fire safety.


16. Kitchen

The Hotel guest, together with all the students of the floor, is responsible for cleaning the
communal kitchen and keeping this area neatly.


17. Garbage

The Hotel guest is responsible for carrying out the garbage and to comply the rules of
garbage separation.


18. Toilet

The Hotel guest must leave the toilet neatly after use.


19. Shower

The Hotel guest must leave the shower neatly after use.


20. Packages and mail

The packages and mail can be collected at the reception. After receiving the packages or mail, The Village is not responsible for the packages. The Village is never responsible for missing and/or damage packages or mail.


21. Adjusted opening hours lobby

There will be adjusted opening hours during holidays and the weekend.