The 5 basic elements of The Village

Safety has a high priority at the village
i. Fire (we have the highest-level warning system that is in direct contact with the fire control room)
ii. Emergency Response Officer 24/7 on site
iii. Direct contact with student general practitioner of the UMCG (hospital)
Clean No one wants to walk into a dirty kitchen or shower
a. Act as if you are at home and clean up your own mess!
i. Flush the toilet
ii. Take you hair out of the drain!
iii. Do your dishes
b. If you have kitchen duty (once or twice a month 30 min)
i. Take out the trash
ii. Clean the counter
Help each other (We are a village)
a. To feel at home
b. Find your way around (Groningen- RUG-Hanze)
c. Or any other problem (there is always someone that can help that speaks your language)
Make friends for life
a. At the Village
b. At the Rug or Hanze
Respect for each other’s
a. Culture
b. Traditions
c. Habits